How you can help with assisted living expenses in Alabama

Alabama is experiencing its largest decline in assisted living enrollment over the past five years, according to data from the Department of Aging.

The state has the highest number of people in nursing homes in the country with 2.5 million people, and is in the midst of a historic nursing shortage.

While the state is in transition, the Department has a limited number of funds to assist people living in assisted-living facilities.

A growing number of state and federal agencies are helping people stay in their homes, including:Alabama’s Department of Health and Human Services has more than $100 million in financial assistance for residents and caregivers of nursing homes, according the Alabama Department of Family and Protective Services.

A federal agency has a $200,000 cap on the amount of financial assistance it can provide.

State and federal authorities are also providing assistance to families living in nursing facilities with up to $200 a month for basic necessities, and $1,000 for each additional $200 in household income.

In addition to financial assistance, the Alabama Nursing Home Association has a list of assistance programs available.

You can contact them to learn more.

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