Why a new medical assistant school is bringing in a new generation of students

On Monday, an influx of new medical assistants will take over the health-care sector in Ontario.

The health-service sector in Canada is booming with hundreds of thousands of new people entering each year, but they are not all doctors or nurses.

It is also an industry in crisis, with about 3,000 medical assistants on the job in 2015 and more than half of them are under 25.

“We need people with an understanding of health-related issues, and we need people who are not only able to handle the stress and strain of those jobs but also are able to adapt to a fast-changing environment,” said Dr. Michelle Reimer, who is leading the school in Toronto.

Students will learn about how to apply for a residency in a field like pediatrics, which is where she has been teaching for two decades.

She said she wants to give her students the skills they need to get into the workforce.

Dr. Reimer has also developed a program to make it easier for students to get a medical assistant position.

This is where students will learn the basics of the profession.

They’ll also get the chance to earn a certificate in the field, and then have their degree in hand.

Students will have the chance for a two-year medical assistant residency, which includes two weeks at the school.

They will also be able to earn their doctorate in the medical school.

The program is a step in the right direction for the health sector, said Dr Reimer.

We need a medical assistants that can be a good match for the needs of our patients, and also to provide the support and support for the students,” she said.

But Dr. Reim said it is important to keep in mind that the profession needs to be more diverse than just the doctors and nurses who are doing the teaching.

In her experience, the first doctor to become a medical student is usually the one who has the most experience, she said, and that is a very difficult thing to overcome.

As a result, she is not surprised that there is a shortage of people who have the skills to fill the job.