Which is your favourite personal assistant app?

The Personal Assistant app category is becoming a lot more popular, with more than 30 apps available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

This trend is due to the number of apps that make use of Cortana, the voice assistant.

While Cortana has made its mark in some of the most popular apps, others are also coming to the fore.

Here are our picks for our top five apps in the Personal Assistant category.


Personal Assistant For iPad app, Cortana app, personal assistant The Personal Assist app for iPad has received a lot of praise from fans, including from our Editors’ Choice award for best iPad app of 2016.

The app has been downloaded more than 15 million times in the last six months, according to comScore.

Its main appeal is its ability to keep track of your personal and personal interests.

Its search function is also great, as it lets you search for items, search for people, search the web and much more.

With its ability not to use your camera and microphone, the app has a great feel, and is also a great tool for organising your photos.

The Personal assistant also works as a search engine for your calendar, as well as with other apps that have Cortana built in.

This makes the app a great addition to any iPad user’s daily routine.

If you’re a Cortana fan, this is one of the best apps to have in your app drawer.

The App Store has the app in the Best Buy and Amazon app stores, and you can also buy the app directly from the developers.


Apple Watch app, Watch app The Apple Watch is an incredible piece of technology that can do a lot for people’s health and fitness.

However, it has also been under scrutiny by Apple in the past few years.

A lot of people have complained about Apple’s watch apps that often don’t work properly or don’t look very good.

A few apps have tried to rectify the issue by creating better watch apps.

In this category, we recommend a few of the Watch apps that are currently available.

The first is the Fitbit app.

This app is a great fitness tracker and app, and has received praise from users for its usability and user experience.

The Fitbit Apple Watch has received numerous awards including being a Best of Show at the Apple Watch’s launch event.

The watch app also comes with a few other useful features, such as a timer, a weather widget and a sleep timer.

The other two apps in this category are the FitBit Activity and Fitbit Heart rate monitors.

The heart rate monitor in the Fitbits Apple Watch also offers useful information such as your steps per minute and calories burned per minute.

This watch app is also available for Windows 10 devices, so you can use it to track your sleep habits and calories burnt.


The Hub For Android app, Hub For iPhone app, hub app, home hub The Hub for Android app is the easiest way to find a place to start or finish your commute or commute from home.

With a free trial, you can try out a few different places to start your commute.

The hub app is great for finding your way around the city or exploring other cities.

The Google app is very good for locating places around the world.

You can also browse your contacts, find places you like, share your commute routes and find the nearest coffee shop or bar.

This is a really good app, especially if you’ve got the free trial and want to check it out.

The free Hub app is available in the Google Play Store for iPhone and Android, and it is also free on Android.


Travel app, Travel app For iPhone, Travel for iPad, travel app, travel travel app This app was a popular travel app in 2016, and was one of our most downloaded travel apps of 2016, according.

It’s one of Apple’s top travel apps and one of its most used apps.

The Travel app lets you find the best hotels, attractions and travel deals in the world by simply entering your address.

There are also a number of other travel destinations available, such at home, in airports, in museums, in cafes and more.

The Trip Planner app has also received a boost in popularity in recent years, as more people are choosing to use it for planning their trip and finding the best flights.

The latest version of the app is in the App Store for iOS and for Android, as of this writing.


Traveler app, Trip Runner app, airline, travel tracker This travel app was also one of The Apple’s most downloaded apps of the year in 2016.

It has received awards from users including our Editors Choice award and our Best of New Apple App category.

The travel app also offers many other useful tools, such a map, departure and arrival times and flight details.

If there is one thing that Trip Runner has always lacked, it’s a real-time flight status tracker.

This helps you see how your flight is progressing, whether it’s making it to its destination or getting stuck in a holdover.