RobAssist; It is an Intelligent & Smart Automation system that automatically get orders, appointments and reservations without any personnel from home, work, mobile phone, internet, computer, smart applications and kiosks that needs fast and intensive businesses and companies and sends it to the required departments and gives feedback to the customer.

"You will make your works, RobAsist will get your orders."

When you do your jobs, RobAsist gets your orders, and sends orders to responsible department with announced info to customer.

More DetaIl.

FlexIble and Integrated platform.

Unlike traditional softwares and ordering systems, your web ordering form responds mobile and desktop. In addition, as the infrastructure in any way software (server) or hardware-dependent as it is low-cost, flexible use and has a structure open to use from all platforms.

SIMPLE, easy to use and accessIble from anywhere.

Contrary to today's technologies; It is easy to use and accessible to all communication channels for the end user or business owners.

Cross-Browser and CROSS PLATFORM.

The system can receive orders, reservations and appointments from all platforms where technology and communication are used. It also supports main browsers on the internet.


FlexIble and Integrated platform.

The system not only receives orders automatically, but also informs end users via SMS, Voice feedback, Kiosk, screen, web and mobile interfaces in enterprises.


Our model is user based and also pay as you go system..
However, since the entire system is managed through wireless networks, there is no extra expense for technical service and server operations, and you are not affected by upgrades.



  • Limited time Free use.


Ask for price Monthly/Annual term

  • 250 transactions per day
  • Voice robotics
  • Robotics with buttons
  • 250 text messages
  • Web order form
  • * Optional Web Site


Ask for priceMonthly/Annual term

  • 500 transactions per day
  • Voice robotics
  • Robotics with buttons
  • 500 text message
  • Web order form
  • * Optional web site


Ask for priceMonthly/Annual term

  • 1000 transaction per day
  • Voice robotics
  • Robotics with buttons
  • 1000 text message
  • Web order form
  • * Optional web site

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  • We are excitedly awaiting the part of the project with the audio system. Also, thank you very much for providing a free trial.


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